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 Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Volume 26
Date of publication 09/28/2018
Pages 109–115


Diamonds Colour Measurements. L&E 26 (3) 2018
Articles authors:
Tatyana V. Shirokikh, Valery E. Ivanov

Tatyana V. Shirokikh, Ph. D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. She graduated from MPEI (Smolensk branch) in 1978 with specialty in Light Engineering and Light Sources. At present, she is Associate Professor of the Physics sub-department of Smolensk branch of NRU MPEI. Her research interests: photometry and colorimetry

Valery E. Ivanov, Ph. D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. He graduated from Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute in 1974 with specialty in Physics. At present, he is Associate Professor of the Physics sub-department of Smolensk branch of NRU MPEI. His research interests: photometry and semiconductor photo-converters

As a rule, evaluation of diamond colour is carrying out visually, because creation of the measuring devices is a complex problem due to influence of defects in diamonds (irregularity of coloration, cracks and graphite inclusions). And elimination of this influence is a very difficult task. In this work, an analysis of visual diamond colour evaluation methods and assessment of known devices for objective diamond colour measurements is carried out. As a result, an installation for measuring diamond colour is offered, which as much as possible meets the visual evaluation conditions.
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