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 Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Volume 26
Date of publication 09/28/2018
Pages 174-180


Big Data Survey on Employee Exercise in New HighTech Photovoltaic Enterprises Highlights on StartUp Photovoltaic Companies. L&E 26 (3) 2018
Articles authors:
Zewen WANG

Master of education, postgraduate student, graduated from the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports in 2016, Studied in Capital University of Physical Education and Sports. His research interests include athletic performance and health promotion

Numerous studies show that scientific and reasonable physical exercise can promote human health. Reasonable exercise prescriptions based on an individual’s physical condition is important in improving one’s health. On this basis and through the investigation on the big data of emerging hightech photovoltaic enterprises, the development and design of a human health model and science in sports are developed based on ant colony optimization algorithm. Finally, the requirement analysis, design, specific application, and model algorithm testing of the physical fitness exercise prescription model can provide a scientific strategy for human health and scientific movement.
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