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 Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Volume 26
Date of publication 09/28/2018
Pages 58-65


A Correct Illumination of an Escalator is a Set of Radical Solutions. L&E 26 (3) 2018
Articles authors:
Leonid G. Novakovsky, Sergei A. Feofanov

Leonid G. Novakovsky, Ph. D. of Technical Sciences. He graduated from the Moscow Aircraft Engine Institute in 1969. At present, he is Director of PHAROS-ALEF LLC

Ph.D. He is graduated from the MADI in 2005 and Senior research associate at PHAROS-ALEF LLC at present

An analysis of escalator areas illumination of the Moscow underground is given. Disadvantages of the existing illumination system are shown, and ways of their elimination are proposed using upgrading illumination devices with preservation of a “historical” image of the latter.
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