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Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Volume 26
Date of publication 07/01/2018
Pages 129-138


Impact of Media Reports on Innovative Behaviours of Photovoltaic Enterprises: Experience View from China . L&E 26 (2) 2018
Articles authors:
Yaxin HE, Changheng ZHAO

Master Degree Candidate of Journalism and Communication. Currently studying in Wuhan University of Technology. The direction of research is visualization of news and new media of communication

Doctor of Public Economics. Currently studying in Wuhan University. Research interests focus on industrial economy

With flourishing development of media industry, media have exerted more and more important functions in the capital market. For photovoltaic industry, which is an emerging industry, its innovative behaviours need support from the capital market. In order to investigate the influence of media reports on innovative behaviours of photovoltaic enterprises, 43 listed photovoltaic enterprises in China A­stock market were selected. 2013–2016 news reports related to photovoltaic enterprises were grabbed using Python method, and the influence mechanism of media reports on innovative behaviours of photovoltaic enterprise was explored. The results show that media reports facilitate innovative behaviours of photovoltaic enterprises. Facilitating effect of media reports on innovative behaviours of photovoltaic enterprises further strengthen with increasing business revenues of the enterprises. Policy-oriented media exert obvious effect on boosting innovative behaviours of photovoltaic enterprises, while market-oriented media have no significant influence. The conclusions contribute to further understanding of the effect exerted by media information dissemination on enterprises’ innovative behaviours.
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