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Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Volume 26
Date of publication 07/01/2018
Pages 29-35

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Assessment of the Current State and Prospects for Development of Irradiation Systems in Modern Greenhouse Facilities . L&E 26 (2) 2018
Articles authors:
Vladimir M. Pchelin, Irina E. Makarova

Ph.D., graduated from the Moscow Power Institute with a specialisation in “Lighting engineering and light sources”. Since 1985 he represents Russia in CIE Division 4. In 1986 he developed HPSLs with a specular reflector (Reflux SSL). At present, he is the General Director of Reflux LLC Company

A marketing expert and philology teacher, graduated from the Russian Institute of Marketing (based on SMU and the Holland University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands), as well as philological department of the MSOTU of M.A. Sholokhov, the Head of the Marketing department of Reflux LLC Company

An analysis of the artificial irradiation system used in modern greenhouses using photoculture is conducted. An assessment of the prospects for the introduction of irradiators with LEDs into this system is given, taking into account the payback period in comparison with traditional irradiators with specular sodium HP lamps.


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