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Light & Engineering 26 (1)

Light & Engineering 26 (1)

Volume 26
Date of publication 03/30/2018
Pages 25-31

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UV Disinfection Technologies for Water, Air and Surface Treatment . L&E 26 (1) 2018
Articles authors:
Alexander I. Vasilyev, Sergey V. Kostyuchenko, Nikolai N. Kudryavtsev, Denis A. Sobur, Dmitry V. Sokolov

Ph.D., graduated from the MIPT in 1968. At present, he is a Chief researcher of LIT NPO

Ph.D., graduated from the MIPT, chairman of LIT NPO board of directors

Prof., Dr. of phys.-math. Science, graduated from the MIPT in 1973.At present he is the Rector of the MIPT and Correspondent member of the RAS

Ph.D., graduated from the MIPT, the Chief of the lighting laboratory of LIT NPO

Dmitry V. Sokolov, Ph.D. in Tech. Science. Head of the Lighting Engineering Department of NPO LIT

A review of the main modern achievements is presented in development, production and application of UV bactericidal lamps and irradiating installations with their use to disinfect water, air and surfaces. It is shown that LIT NPO takes a worthy place among most large-scale global manufacturers of such lamps and installations.
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