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Light & Engineering 26 (1)

Light & Engineering 26 (1)

Volume 26
Date of publication 03/30/2018
Pages 18-24


Standardization of Lighting Fixtures and Installations for Greenhouses . L&E 26 (1) 2018
Articles authors:
George V. Boos, Eugene I. Rozovsky, Leonid B. Prikupets, Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya

George V. Boos, Ph. D. of Technical Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, laureate of State Prize of the Russian Federation, President of the International Lighting Engineering Corporation “BL Group”, Head of the Light and Engineering sub-department of the National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Chairman of the Science and Engineering Council of the Russian Light and Engineering Industry, Chairman of International Technical Committee and National Technical Committee 332 of ROSSTANDARD (Light and Engineering Devices and Electrical Lighting). He graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) in 1986 with qualification of electrical engineer, by specialty in Light and Engineering and Light Sources

Eugene I. Rozovsky, Ph.D. in Techinical Science (1984). Graduated from MPEI in 1971. Leading researcher of VNISI named after Vavilov N.I. Senior Scientific Editor of L&E Journal. An expert from the Russian Federation in TC34 IEC “Sources of light and related equipment”

Leonid B. Prikupets, Ph. D. He graduated with honors from MPEI in 1970. At present, he is the head of laboratory in VNISI by S.I. Vavilov and member of Editorial Board of Svetotekhnika and Light & Engineering Journal

Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya, Doctor of Technical Sciences. She graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Kazan State University in 1968. From 1976 to 2002, she worked at VNIIOFI, where, starting in 1996, she headed the Photometric Laboratory. Since 1999, she is a representative of the RNC in CIE Department 2. Currently, she is the scientific editor of the English version of the Svetotekhnika / Light & Engineering Journals and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of those issues

The article describes standards for industrial greenhouses irradiators (GOST R57671–2017), methods for measuring PAR region irradiance in overhead and rack-type installations (preliminary standard 211–2017), methods for measuring illuminance (FR.1.37.2017.27376) and photosynthetic irradiance (FR.1.37.2017.27375), photosynthetic photon flux (FR.1.37.2017.27374) and other lighting characteristics, energy efficiency factor calculations for LED installations in greenhouses (FR.1.37.2017.27373), which have been developed at VNISI and are unique in world practice.
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