Light & Engineering 24 (4)

Light & Engineering 24 (4)

Volume 24
Date of publication 12/29/2016
Pages 1-121


Light & Engineering 24 (4). Electronic version
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Julian B. Aizenberg, Gennadiy B. Bukhman, Alexei A. Korobko, and Vladimir M. Pyatigorskiy
Several not embodied concepts of optical schemes and lighting systems with hollow light guides

Nicolai I. Shchepetkov
Topical Light Design for Classical Architecture

Roger Narboni
From Light Urbanism to Nocturnal Urbanism

Elena V. Barchugova and Nataliya A. Rochegova
Video Mapping from Presentation to Architecture

vVladimir P. Budak and Tatyana V. Meshkova
Models of Visual Discomfort from Sources of Glare

Egor E. Nilov and Vitaly N. Stepanov
Illumination Design: Problems of Translation and Criteria of Evaluation

Giovanni Ciampi, Antonio Rosato, Michelangelo Scorpio, and Sergio Sibilio
Basic System for the Preliminary Experimental Photometric Characterization of a LED Based Luminaire

Burcu Büyükkınacı, Sermin Onaygil, Önder Güler, and M. Berker Yurtseven
Comparison of Road Lighting Calculations with Measurements Using Conventional and Camera Luminance Meters

Aysel Ersoy Yilmaz
Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Colour Temperature Variations with Different Types of Armatures and Light Sources

Nikolai N. Bespalov, Sergei S. Kapitonov, and Anastasiya V. Kapitonova
Research of Processes in the LEDs Luminaire in Case of the Voltage Temperature Coefficient of Separate LEDs Variation

K. Furkan Sökmen, Nurettin Yamankaradeniz, and Salih Coşkun
Investigation of Heat Transfer Types in an Automobile Fog Lamp with Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

Lev M. Kogan, Alexander N. Kolesnikov, and Andrei N.Turkin
New Powerful Ultra-Violet and Violet Emmiting Diodes

Andrzej Pawlak
Comparison of Results of Computer Simulations for the Escape Route Lighting Installation

Vladimir N. Kuzmin and Sergei E. Nikolaev
Methods and Devices for Quick Evaluation of Optical Radiation Energy Efficiency under Photoculture Conditions

Sergei A. Golubin, Alexei N. Lomanov, Vladimir S. Nikitin, Valery M. Komarov, and Ernst I. Semenov
Experimental Study of How Lighting Patterns Affect Optical Ministicks Characteristics

Sergei A. Golubin, Alexei N. Lomanov, Vladimir S. Nikitin, Valery M. Komarov, and Ernst I. Semenov
Study of Characteristics of VCSEL-based Optical Ministicks.

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