Light & Engineering 24 (3)

Light & Engineering 24 (3)

Volume 24
Date of publication 09/28/2016
Pages 1-182


Light & Engineering 24 (3). Electronic version
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This edition of Light & Engineering number 3–2016 is intended to present the new directions and fields of research in semiconductor lighting applications and their regulations by the government and the market in China. The published articles, generally in a short thesis form, are devoted to visible light communications, logistics based on management by visible light, and different kinds of research methods and devices, using LED as the visible light source also as well as to photovoltaic industry development. The edition of number is executed at the request of a group of scientists and lectures from several universities of China. Papers are peer-reviewed in China as well as in Russia. In a unique collaboration, this issue sheds light on state of the art research in China. We hope our readers will find many new ideas and parallels in the presented articles, fuelling further international links between researchers in China and other countries.
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